Cosmo in the Sky

Inspired by our muse Cosmo, we started this journey of experimentation, we designed her own garments and make a study of her body proportions to visualize her in different fashion styles, for this editorial we took inspiration by the Drag Queens and the Ru Paul show to create this completely red digital look. 

We started to imagine some impossible situations in a surreal and sensorial world. 

We feel free to take Cosmo where ever we want and on this editorial we imagine her taking the sun up in the sky, this time we designed the garment thinking about spring season, waterproof materials with soft flow and a vibrant color pallet. 

Always grateful to our beloved team! 

Creative Direction: Pablo Alfieri
CGI Artist: Mariano Abel, Macs Riedel, Juan Coria, Borja Alegre
Digital Fashion Designer: Naty Lara 

Thanks for watching :)

Cosmo in the Sky