Martini Sportswear — Brand Design
Discover Outdoor Moments Together.
Austrian fashion brand Martini Sportswear is the ultimate companion for mountain sports enthusiasts. The brand's story is all about discovering a world outside: Whether you're a sports pro or just casually enjoying a walk in the mountains — the sportswear manufacturer is all about enabling the best oudoor experience you could possibly have.

These moments are what drive the brand design: We've taken the claim "Discover Outdoor Moments Together" literally and turned it into a kinetic design system: We've redefined the brand's typography and refreshed the — in Austria very well known — logo. By using it's signature circular shape, we've transformed it into a simple yet effective signature design element. The pictures replace the words "outdoor moments" by visualizing them.
Stefanie Aunitz (Graphic Design)
Sandra KTG (Art Direction)
Dominik Langegger (Head of Design, Art Direction)
Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch (Brand Story & Narrative)
Matthias Tildach (Graphic Design)
Stephan Riefer (Text)
Andre Schönherr (Photography)
Martini Sportswear — Brand Design