95 Grad — Brand Design
95 Grad Brand Design
The perfect temperature for lunch at work: 95 degrees (="Grad" in German). Cooked with real ingredients, passion, common sense and perfectly put together for the office lunch. Dishes that bring people together. That's not just the company's business philosophy, but also the brand story of Salzburg's delivery service for steam-cooked employee meals. We had the privilege of accompanying the owners on their journey and strategically setting the brand on course. The result? A colorful, friendly, bright and delicous brand design.
Client: 95 Grad GmbH
Creative Direction: Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch

Art Direction: Dominik Langegger
Graphic Design & Illustration: Dominik Langegger, Anna Kronthaler
Text: Stephan Riefer
Photography: Michael Königshofer​​​​​​​
UX Design: Dominik Langegger
Web-Development: BlueChip

95 Grad — Brand Design

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95 Grad — Brand Design