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    Porcelain cups with the touch of Scifi.
porcelain cups
Not much to say, just an other strange set of cups from imreszti.
In my designes I often create a new user experience to old functions. For example I try to find a new ways of holding a cup. Like this: 
The rings around the cup are creating a safe distance from the piping hot surface while giving the cup this quirky, spacey "futuristic from the 60's" look (which by the way was not 100% intentional).
I placed my monogramm in the middle inside. This way you only see it when you finished your cup of coffe and the leftover sits in the monogram drawing a contrast with the white surface. Just a fine touch that makes the experiance special in the end, "puts the dot on the 'i'".
The espresso cup fits in the cappuccino cup, creating a closed complete shape for storing.
Designing for one specific purpos can end up in many shapes. Also, one design can easily inspire the next one, or sideways of one projects can grow into a project of its own. This is sort of what happened here.
While designing a set of cups for a cafe I had many ideas and tried a few different versions. So this set of cups is actually very close to the final design, but like a more extrem version of it.
Sneak peek in the making
Backround story
When I finished the first prototype and brought it home to test it in use MyOne had a very interesting discovery on the design. He insisted it looked like an alien creatures, called the Daleks, from the Doctor Who TV series, which he is quite a fond of. I must say there is a similarity. Ever since the working title Dalek-cups sticked to them and it got popular within the groups of Doctor Who fans.
The Dalek    -    mage from:  http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2010/jul/16/doctor-who-villains-list
image from:  http://www.dalek6388.co.uk

And he is just a new fun of mine. So these cups are officially Vader-approved.