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Kint Studio – interior & architecture studio brand.
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Kint Studio
How to present the most by showing the least.

Kint is a Warsaw-based studio designing a high-quality interior architecture for residential and commercial spaces. They are looking for a balance between functionality, aesthetics, modernity and tradition; focusing on human experience with space.

We based identity on the cleanliness of the form, cost savings and content display. Design, in its simplicity, is elegant. With the class and sensitivity, it acts as the portfolio curator - providing a full array of projects, at the same time guiding the audience and providing only the information needed.

The minimalism of the form emphasizes the content; accurately reflects 
the client’s work style.

"The most professional studio I know. Phenomenal collaboration and great results. 
I strongly recommend Redkroft."

Karolina Zakrzewska, Founder

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Kint Studio – interior & architecture studio brand.
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