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How to boldly position a new coffee brand
within a new product category.

In the summer of 2019, we were asked to design the first polish nitro coffee brand. The majority of consumers didn't know much, if anything, about the nitro cold brew coffee – to them, this was a relatively new concept. The brand not only had to be captivating conceptually but also educational.

The client asked us for the full package – naming, visual and verbal identity, packaging, and other branding essentials.

References to “naturalness” in the food industry are painfully cliché. We chose a different direction.

We created the brand name by mixing initials of two of the drink’s primary ingredients – coffee bean (the base) and nitrogen (the exponent).
Then, turned it into an explanatory scientific formula.

Basing brand communication on a science theme (language, mathematical formulas and an aluminium laboratory can) helps to educate consumers about the new product.

We show that there are no “chemicals” in the drink, only natural ingredients - coffee, water and nitrogen. In further communication, we change those ingredients into other words that build positive associations with the brand for various types of consumers.

To create an experience resembling a caffeine rush, we stripped the copy
from punctuation and turned a paragraph into one long sentence.

Flavored coffee deserves to be taken seriously, so we created a scientific equation
for each flavor.

“What you have done is simple, meaningful, refined and at the same time,
pierces your heart like a sharp dagger.”

Sebastian Łabiński
Co-founder, (B)N

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(B)N – the science behind a coffee brand.