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Custom BIRD smart speakers

Wavy Peggy & Bald Joe - A bit of a mother hen, she always keeps an eye out for Joe. He loves the sun, and you’ll find him in his budgie smugglers 24/7.
Unique, character-driven, customised BIRD smart speakers
Client : Swift Creatives (In house project)
We’re very proud of our BIRD smart speaker, so we decided to customise them into a series of unique, character-driven art pieces. Each BIRD is totally different and unique, no two are alike. In the Christmas spirit, we are giving away four BIRDs over December.
Tony Squawk - Trying to get sick air even though he’s a flightless bird.
Boogie Dougie - Thinks he’s a bit of a chick magnet, but the only thing attracted to him is gravity.
Chachi El Mariachi - He is a “Juan-Man” band. Upgrades to a bigger sombrero every season.
Charming Viking - You might think he’ll be pillaging and looting, but he spends too long maintaining that luscious beard.
Mellow Angello'w - Likes getting as high as a kite and seeing the world from a birds eye view.
Don Dorado, Blue Demon, El Nacho, Hijo de Satanas
Don Dorado - A mysterious golden wonder. No-one has seen what’s under his mask...
Blue Demon - More of a ‘Lunchador’ than Luchador, he’s most excited about his post-fight tacos.
El Nacho - Has a fiery temper, but don’t forget to feed him and he’ll be fine.
Hijo de Satanas - Loves a bit of the theatrics, he’s as proud as a peacock.
Pinky Winky - A fan of Russian ballet, she has a taste of the theatrics. Bears no relation to the Teletubbies.
Spike Mike - Don’t let his look fool you, he’s a good egg. Takes his grandma shopping every Saturday.
The Street Birds - Dribble Gribble, Spike Mike, Boogie Dougie, Tony Squawk
Major Bird - An art-rock aficionado, she’s out of this world.
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Custom BIRD smart speakers