In the middle of March 2020, the world came to a full stop due to Covid-19. The restrictions imposed on society created an unprecedented disruption to everyday life and businesses alike.

In a situation where we all were working remotely, by north was presented with a time-critical challenge. How could we help Aminor, the worlds only commercial breeder of spotted wolffish, turn from a B2B business, serving hotels and restaurants to a consumer brand in time for the barbecue season?

We started by creating a new name, Arcticas, and brand story that highlights the unique quality of their product, their proud heritage and their relentless commitment to sustainable production. Arcticas takes its name from the ancient continent Arctica, which when it broke apart, opened up the Arctic Ocean, where the Spotted Wolffish has its natural habitat. It also references the Latin name for Spotted Wolffish, Anarhichas Minor.

The visual identity is distinctly Scandinavian, with a naturalistic color palette, subtle textures and refined typography. We also developed a bespoke packaging to help Arcticas stand out in a marketplace cluttered with standard packaging and cliché-riddled labels.
Together with acclaimed chef Roy Magne Berglund we developed delicious recipes to inspire customers and to highlight the many qualities of the Spotted Wolffish. The process as well as the finished result was documented through both stills and movies by photographer Dan Mariner, all of which is beautifully presented on Arcticas website.

The project was completed in three hectic weeks, thanks to a dedicated team and an ambitious client.