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    Blue-Me Beach House. Project 2001 34 qm Co-Worker: Matthias Arndt
beach-house. 2001

34 qm

Co-worker: Mathias Arndt

The portable home features a living room and a kitchen complete with an oven, a cot and TV, and most importantly storage. The prefab structure even plugs in to outside power and water sources and if you’re the nature-friendly kinds, perhaps you could bring your own solar panel/ wind/water turbines along as well and enjoy all the comforts of your living room in the middle of nowhere!

If you feel stressed and realize the need to take a dose of fresh air in those remote off lands without compromising at your homely comforts then you have hit the right place. A portable home called Blue-Me portable vacation home is a concept devised by artist Anton Markus Pasing. The transportable home features a living room, kitchen equipped with oven, cot and TV and other essential storage. The elite structure is accessible to external power and water sources and if your personality doesn’t allow you to play with nature then you must carry your solar panel, water turbines along to reap the most out of the your living room positioned at no man´s land.

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