The Recess.

Project 2021


After a long and painful journey throgh life, with a heart exhausted by afflictions, and eyes which can no longer fupply tears to lament them, I turn my every thought toweard that grave on the verge of which I hover. Oh why then, too generous friend require me to live over my misfoturnes? Such has been the peculiarity of my fate, that though tortured with deh possession and the loss (...)

Sophie LEE: The recess; or, a tale of other times.1785


Silent moon. Endless space, silence. A light mist lay over the wide white plain. My walk here was liberating. Walking and breathing. Nothing disturbed my dreams. Endless white filled my mind. Suddenly, with my peripheral vision demanding my attention, I looked to the left into the distance. From a distance a light came from the floor, pulsing irregularly. The wind changed. Change of direction. An eagle circled above me. I ran towards the light and slowly approached a huge opening, the dimensions of which I could not estimate.

The closer I got, the more clearly I could hear a strange deep sound. My heartbeat rumbled and mated with the thump of the core. Standing almost on the edge, a warm, soft wind was blowing against me. Then little giggling hurricanes danced around me and pulled on my clothes Very strange, but somehow they delighted my heart. I was not afraid.

Arrived very close to the edge, looked down and suddenly looked up! The hole denied its depth. No down. Only above. Then I was inside and stood on the bank of a lake of silvery-looking water, like liquid chrome. Dolphins ransacked the room and played with golden fish. I was amazed and breathed quickly before losing time.
The question of whether I am up or down had evaporated. All other questions left me too. Or so it seemed. From far above, or I had to say below, only sparse light penetrated the huge room. The eagle was back and asked: How are you? Ah, not so good, I die too often and live too little. No problem said the eagle and withdrew. Then I noticed a giraffe on the other bank, standing next to an empty rubber dinghy.

She stared at me and I could hear your thoughts: "Be ready," the voice whispered in my head. You're not alone". Strange, I thought when I was very tired. Neither here nor there did gravity release me from our agreement. Up your stars, golden sleep, I called. Silhouettes accompanied by echoes touched my consciousness. An eagle passed over me again and little stars with nozzles flew through the room. Countless. I forgot everything I had believed in and my mind burrowed its way into space and recognized nothing. Welcome, everything just foam.
The Recess