“VH.23“ (Vaccine hunter 23)

Puking unicorns, happy pearl divers and flying squirrels.

“You can't even imagine what longing and lust I have for travelling “_
“Du kannst dir gar nicht vorstellen, welche sehnsucht und lust zu reisen ich habe.“

Quote by Carl Spitzweg

There are two realities of light, one needs and the other is. Thus the dominance of darkness is assured.

One could not assume this connection. Where from? I cannot answer the question of which position rhinos should take when flying. There are so many questions and even more answers.
So I decided to become a pearl diver, not in reality, but in the Room of Requirement, which I joined last week. I didn't buy myself but won the ticket with a scratch card.

Satisfied with the pearls I was diving for I believed in the eternal. Where do the pearls come from? I didn't care. I could accept the unknown. Why put these pearls in my lap of all people were and by whom did not matter.

If I were a pearl diver on a starship and I had a thousand pearls, I wouldn't have to decide what to do with them.

I could even give away pearls, throw them to the swine so that they choke on them and stop suffering from overestimating themselves and renouncing ignorance. I would live forever.
I was a pearl diver and the adventure was within me I didn't have to leave the house for that.

Just for handing over the vaccine that I needed so badly, I had to meet up with my favorite dealer once a month. I took my house with me. I drank black tea there while giving me the vital Injected and smoked a joint. Yes, it could be that simple while below me in the thicket of loneliness people were dying.

Pearls, Injections, and Heaven. What more do I need. Life is beautiful and luckily I had forgotten what is real. The will is my world. Control and forget about my addiction. The main thing was that I could take my house with me everywhere.

Coming home
Origial Background image by: Carl Spitzweg. “Auf freier Höhe“ (engl.: On top of the hill) 1870s

technical drawings
Vaccine Hunter_VH.23