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Grjótagjá tower. Iceland. 2020

Grjótagjá tower.

Project competition. 2020
with Jan Ribbers MA.


The elf carried her ring tightly with her. Nothing should separate them, not even the tower.

Grjótagjá tower

"From here you can see flying elves in magical moments“

* The trench is untouchable
* Small-scale architecture cannot
make an acceptable visual contribution
to the grandeur of the landscape.

    *    The path to the observation tower
must not be paved with artificial surfaces,
but must remain natural.

* The aim is to keep all floor areas as natural
as possible.

* Grjótagjá is not Disneyland.

* The existing parking lot and the path
will be renatured. A parking lot will be
close newly built on the street for 30 cars.
* The actress is nature itself,
the tower is just the stage

The place

The Grjótagjá Trench is a unique fault.
Here archaic forces culminate beyond our
imagination. This power works hidden and
should find a visual sign through the tower,
which contrasts the landscape without
destroying it.
One approaches the tower
from a distance, finds an inner confinement
and security and then at the highest point
you can feel the wide landscape again.

The gaze is not directed, however the
dynamic long horizontal platforms enable
visually dynamic experiences.

The orientation of the sky carriers is in
the direction of the tectonic fissure.
From here it is possible to find out
the actual length of the gap.

Grjótagjá tower. Iceland. 2020

Grjótagjá tower. Iceland. 2020

Many thanks to Jan Ribbers for his expertise and cooperation.