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    Land Diving

    Bungy jumping goes back hundreds if not thousands of years, where it started on Penecost Island, Vanuatu, as
    a ceremony marking the right of passage from a boy's youth to manhood. A male would jump from a manmade wooden structure with vines attached to his ankles to prove his masculinity.

    Today the modern bungy attracts thrill seekers from around the globe; these people show courage, strength
    and inner power as they cheat death thanks to the invention of the elastic rope invented by New Zealander
    A.J. Hakett.

    This project will explore and compare the concept of manhood rituals of the land diving ceremonies in Vanuatu and modern day bungy jumping.


    Produce a visual article which will capture the essence of the original meaning of a word or phrase that is commonly used in our everyday language.



    Hand Carving


    Letter press


    I have focused on the origin of the bungy, where the bungy originated, who participated, how it was constructed and preformed. Through research I discovered that bungy jumping originated in Vanuatu
    and was part of a manhood ritual performed by males in order to get a good yam harvest, this is what
    the native's of Vanuatu called Nagol.

    The colours used in my poster are earthy tones of green and brown; I have used these as they are colours which match the content and aesthetic of my chosen word.

    I have printed in such a way as to show movement and give a sense of falling downward towards the ground, the way the printing looks can also be seen as part of the structure, the stenciled sans serif Univers typeface I have carved shows the hand made quality of the Nagol.