Contempoary Bungy Jumping
  • Produce a visual article which will capture the essence of the original meaning of a word or phrase that is commonly used in our everyday language

    Letter press


    The poster in which I have designed to portray the contemporary bungy uses the typeface Univers. The text was laser cut from perspex to allow for clean crisp lines compared to the handmade qualities which can be seen in the Nagol poster.

    The typographic layout of the word bungy, has been arranged and printed in such a way as to visually show the bungy in action thus through a downward movement of the word, and through the tone and colour of the printed word. Blue was chosen as the colour as this was a bright, fresh and masculine colour, also the colour is a representation of water as a majority of the New Zealand bungy sites are situated above water and the jumper has the option to get dipped or fully emerged within the water, in which they are jumping above.