• iSi
  • Actually the whole cooking process is a series of chemical reactions, the kitchen is our laboratory. Since many decades iSi proves that cooking can be more exciting and still easy.
    Experimenting with iSi gadgets is a culinary journey – for experienced chefs de cuisine as well as for ambitious amateur chefs. moodley added a vivid redesign to encourage the character of iSi: Innovation, passion and fine design.
    Branding, publishing and web design by moodley brand identity.
    Client: iSi Gruppe GmbH
    Conception & Art Direction: Doris Pesendorfer
    Graphic Design: Anna Kranebitter, Christine Lange, Ula Krzyzak, Irene Ksica, Julia Scheiber, Wolfgang Kolar, Alex Muralter (Web)
    Director Digital: Birgit Taucher
    Photography: Tina Herzl, Gerhard Wasserbauer, Akos Neuberger (Foodstyling)
    Illustrations: Stefanie Hilgarth, Kerstin Luttenfeldner
    Text: Rudolf Binder
    Project Management: Samina Gheorge, Katrin Scheikl
    Programming: Thomas Allmer, Sissi Bieber
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