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Bäckerei Wolf - Branding
Bäckerei Wolf
Turning a bakery into the best place in the neighbourhood

Anyone who lives in Augsburg knows the Wolf bakery. They grow up with Wolfbreze, meet up with friends in the café, take their favorite bread with them and are happy to have a Wolf branch nearby. moodley's branding, including logo, claim, visual language and wording, accompanies the transformation of the brand from "I" to "we" and makes the bakery the number 1 in Augsburg again with a friendly positioning as a "good neighbor".
Vasilisa Aristarkhova
Beatrix Haidinger
Andreas Kump
Nora Obergeschwandner
Johanna Rädle
Clara Sinnitsch
Rita Stahlberg
Birgit Taucher
Daria Titarenko
Laura Wittmann
Bäckerei Wolf - Branding

Bäckerei Wolf - Branding


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