• To visualize the #Wayofplay - or commandmends - of Playstation Network users for a European campaign, Autobahn has designed a typeface.
    The typeface comes in two versions: a highlight side and a shadow side of stone carved letters. Designers can use the two versions in any design program and make it look like the text is carved in stone. To do so, place the two typefaces on top of each other on a stone background and adjust the opacity to create a detailed carved image. This effect in the typeface is achieved by first carving all characters in stone by using traditional methods, then all characters are individually photographed and finally digitized on the computer.
    The typeface is only available for Sony Playstation during the #Wayofplay campaign. After the campaign, the typeface will be available in our online shop.

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    the result on the computer:
    Carving of supporting graphic elements in the campaign: Maya symbols.
    Process pictures:
    The digitalization process: