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1-N typeface & identity

1 (to) N is all about relationships and proportions. How we relate to ourselves and others, in an organization and in society. 1-N examines these links from an organizational, social, ethical and entrepreneurial perspective. And en passant facilitate change. Through critical research into connections from an origin, they develop interesting perspectives that provoke change.

1-N is situated in a former church, called the Jakobus. The original foundation (1890) in combination with the energy of the new, modern design creates an inspiring, business-like, but also homely atmosphere. This unique atmosphere of calm and inspiration gives the opportunity to reflect on the issues that concerns all of us.
Interiour design by Zecc architects, Utrecht
The Plastic Number

From this idea of origin and relationships, Autobahn designed a visual identity for 1-N. An important concept for the identity is the relationship theory of Benedictine monk Dom Hans van der Laan (1904 - 1991). This theory shows us how objects are related. He called this 'the Plastic Number'. A visualization of this theory is shown within the Morphotheek:

The typeface Jakobus is designed with cubes from the Morphotheek to create a scale relation within and between glyphs. The stroke of the glyphs is based on the smallest width in the Morphotheek. Within the typeface, a logo glyph is added and is accessable through Open Type features. By doing so, 1-N can share the font instead of .eps or .jpg files of the logo.
Business card

The measurements of 1-N (print)materials is also based on the Morphotheek. The conventional size for a business card is 55x85mm. The 1-N business card is 50x85mm, making it slightly different in look and feel. Printed in black on 350 grams Olin natural white with a copper foil stamp and typeset in Gotham and Jakobus.
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1-N typeface & identity


1-N typeface & identity

Typeface and Identity design for 1-N