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Robot Love large scale art exhibition

​ROBOT LOVE – a largescale, international, cross podium art & technology exhibition – is the artistic translation of a widely held public debate on the rise of robots in our daily lives. The exponential growth of technology is cause for optimism, but also presents us with ethical dilemmas. Despite the tools at our disposal to be in contact with each other, a larger group of people feels lonelier than ever. Robots fill the gap in the demand for care, attention, love and sex.

The first stage of Robot Love took place during the 2017 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.
Perception change
We cannot grasp how robots and Artificial Intelligences (A.I.) perceive the world. Generosity, trust, imagination and responsiveness towards radical other beings are needed in order to build rapport. Just like love. Technology has the potential to transgress normative borders. Notions like intelligence, consciousness and love are normative concepts. We think we know what these qualities mean but actually we don’t. There is a tendency to see ourselves as quantitative machines.
Robot Love website
We created a chatbot – called Pip – who wants to learn about love.

Chat with Pip at
Book design (ready in august 2018), Social media banners, Ambassadors pin, T-shirt & bespoke typeface.
ROBOT LOVE is not merely about human-robot relationships, but on how technological advancement can inspire us to reconceptualize ourselves as human beings. The robot is merely a vehicle to take a closer look at our own relationships. Mankind thrives in groups. We only feel human when we can relate to others. Now that “real machines” are entering the domestic sphere, A.I. may act as a mirror allowing us to delve deeper into ourselves and current state of society. 
Diverse media created for Robot Love
Under your skin
Skin is our largest organ. It connects us directly to others through touch. When we’re not touched by others, we get ‘skin-hunger’; a need for physical human contact. Touch can communicate a range of emotions, serving as an important social tool. Electronic gestures of love and support sent via text message or robots are not a substitute for a loving embrace. The solution? Not to banish technology, but to use it as an aid: to reconnect with all people out there who might need a hug.
Short clips to announce the Robot Love Embassy
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Robot Love large scale art exhibition


Robot Love large scale art exhibition

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