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novum 10.16 »digital/analog«

novum 10.16 »digital/analog«

In this issue everything centers around the digital and the analog. We present projects which question this dichotomy in an intelligent and surprising way and show new concepts and ideas. Our cover also exists in a digital and an analog version – get your mobile phone ready … 

The cover of this issue has a digital and an analog side too. We used a photosensitive ink called Magic Flash, which can be activated by a flashlight. Special particles reflect the light and project a new image onto your photo. Just take a photo with your mobile phone to see the »hidden« message.

The design was done by Autobahn and the Dutch designers say: »There shouldn't be a discussion about what is more relevant, digital or analog. Both are equal, both are important and very much alive.« The cover criticizes the tendency to see digital and analog as opposites: The future is not digital or analog, only here and now! 

Copies of this issue can be bougth here

Cover: Autobahn,

Paper: Tauro
Silk screen printing: Stainer Schriften & Siebdruck 
Offset print: F&W Druck-und Mediencenter GmbH 

Photos: Dominic Brighton, 

novum 10.16 »digital/analog«

novum 10.16 »digital/analog«

graphic design magazine with photosensitive ink on the cover, main topic is digital/analog