Waiting For Godot- Set Design

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  • Paper Project
    Waiting For Godot
    Set Design

  • This is a paper project or design that I did for for a either a class, or just for fun.
    This was not a realized production and all of the images are renderings that I created.
    My paper projects are in the theatrical design areas of in Lighting, Scenic, and Projection.
    The project,Waiting for Godot, was a project in set design.
    I designed this set as a class project. I wanted to take Beckett's classic Waiting for Godot, and place in a landscape that would be familiar to my audience. As I was attending Utah State University at the time I tried to bring in features of the surrounding geography into my design.
  • Set Rendering
  • Preliminary Thumbnail Sketch
  • Research Image, Great Salt Lake and mountains in the distance.
  • Research Image. Arches National Park with mountains in the distance.
  • Research Image. Goblin Valley State Park