The Pirates of Penzance- Direction and Lighting Design
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    The Snow College Live Theater Production of, The Pirate of Penzance.
Snow College Theatre Presents
The Pirates of Penzance
Written by Arthur Gilbert and W.S. Sullivan
Director, Milinda Weeks
Music Director, Kristen Weidner
Choreographer, Milinda Weeks and Kristen Weidner
Production Stage Manager, Megan Johnson
Scenic Designer, Trent Bean
Costume Designer, Kathleen Hansen
Light Designer, Milinda Weeks
Assistant Scenic and Light Designer, Ari Jamieson
Technical Director, Trent Bean
The Pirates of Penzance is one of my favorite works. I believe it to be the definition of entertainment. The play masterfully explores every layer of comedy from the base slapstick to witty humor. It is in a word, fun. Written in 1879 the play has endured for 136 years—a century of productions. I believe that this has everything to do with the pure joy that is such an innate part of the script. I hope that joy communicated itself to our audience, and they found the same delight our company found in producing it.
The Slave of Duty
Pour oh Pour the Pirate Sherry
"Out of consideration for you I will leave her behind."
For I am the Pirate King!
Ruth disarms the Pirate King
Climbing Over Rocky Mountain
"Here in this our Rocky Den, Far away from mortal men..."
"A Doctor of Divinity, resides in this vicinity."
I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General
"And whistle all the airs of that infernal nonsense Pinafore"
Hail Poetry
"Oh do not leave me"
"Away you grieve me"
Oh Dry the Glistening Tear
"We go! We go!"
"Yes, but you don't go!"
"We insist on nothing we are merely pointing out to you your... duty."
“In 1940 I of age shall be, I shall then return and claim you I declare it. Swear that till then you will be true to me.”
When the Felony not Engaged in his Employment
“So stealthy the pirate creeps while all the household soundly sleeps.”
With Cat Like Tread
Sighing Softly to the River
Pirate and Police Fight
Photography by Milinda Weeks