• Trejoli identity
  • Ttejoli beauty salon was opened in 2000 and positioned as the expensive and glamorous salon in the city center. Today the interior, equipment and visual communications don’t match this positioning any more. In order to save the existing loyal clients and reflect new consumers it was decided to re-design the visual communications. 

    Client couldn’t invest any money for sufficient changes – refurbishment, new equipment etc. So, it was the identity to meet the aims, described above. We made some researches and examination of clients’ behavior and their studied their shared ideas and detected some hidden advantages of the salon – the location, cosy atmosphere, warm colors that was inspired by the wooden decoration elements inside, wooden furniture and floors. So we decided to maintain that feeling of comfort and distancing from fuss of the city and to slide the positioning from premium and glamour to the middle-up segment. Besides that we also found one more hidden motive for clients to visit the salon – they come to the definite artist and people in order to communicate, share the news or gossips while making procedures. It looks like a flock of birds which twits while the birds clean their feathering. Thus we created an idea for the key image of logo which became the communication center for the whole identity.