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My Pharmacy is a chain of discount pharmacies belonging to the Vita company. Its stores are located near your home, just around the corner, where you can buy essential medical supplies. The issue lay in the fact that My Pharmacy's visual communication had become outdated, and the points of sale were drastically different from one another. The brand needed to refresh its style and update its design system to promote its pharmacies.

My Pharmacy = My First Aid Kit

Low prices close to home — My Pharmacy is accessible anywhere, anytime. It has everything you need. Just like your first aid kit at home. This idea served as the foundation for the brand's visual metaphor. A red cross expressed this image. It is the symbol that imparts the character the discount shop needs — simple and clear. This concept allowed us to keep the color palette so that My Pharmacy remained recognizable to loyal customers.

As we were building the visual metaphor, we suggested that the chain would make its own branded first aid kits for the home. A branded first aid kit acts as a private label trademark, the ultimate expression of its identity, and the brand's talisman.


We borrowed another basic style element from the design of the instructions usually sold with medical supplies and the first aid kit itself. It conforms easily to the form and function of the medium determining the layout of the elements. Advertising, packaging, retailing — with this system, the design of any medium is structured and recognizable.

We have added a social orientation to the pharmacy's advertising communications. Posters explain how to administer first aid in common household injuries, and booklets describe hygiene rules or how to prevent various diseases. So, My Pharmacy both cares for its customers by providing useful information while simultaneously offering its goods in an unobtrusive manner.

The chain makes use of cross-promotion by placing its ads in the hallways of those clinics where branches are located, next to other types of informational posters that are typically found in medical establishments. This type of advertising allows the pharmacy to engage consumers via a variety of levels and channels of communication.

Advertising, packaging, retailing — with this system, the design of any medium is structured and recognizable.
As a result of the redesign, My Pharmacy's has gained a clear, contemporary image. It's right next door, always available, practical and compassionate.

Creative Director: Andrey Tarakanov
Designers: Albert Safin, Vera Ivanova, Elena Trofimova
Animation: Alexander Zakharov
Project Manager: Egor Novozhen

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My Pharmacy

My Pharmacy

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