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Ever. Apartments with a Zen garden

Ever is a housing complex in the south-west of Moscow. The authors of this architectural project drew inspiration from the Oriental garden where nature is not transformed but rather included in the artist’s plan, and thus the designer and nature becoming co-authors. The main principles of the architectural and landscape concept were to preserve the landscape while rendering specific character to various parts of the courtyard, combining closed and open spaces, lower and upper tiers, different textures and materials. These principles were to be featured in the brand name and identity.

We suggested a name that would be open for interpretations, the one that introduces the meanings of continuity and permanence to the context, the word that goes hand in hand with the eternal topics of time and life.

Phonetically, Ever is a combination of smoothness and firmness of sounds, which serves as a reference to the harmony between nature and urbanism. The repeated ‘e’ ensures balance and equilibrium while voiced consonants ‘V’ and ‘R’ give it the scale and grandeur.

Nature plus urbanism was our interpretation of the architectural concept, and the brand identity encapsulates the idea of the natural element in the surrounding landscape with the scale and grandeur of the urban style in architecture.

The semantics of such unity of nature and urbanism is reflected in the shape of the logo. It is literally reflected in the style and the contrast between letters, the lowercase ‘e’, pliable and soft, and uppercase ‘V’ and ‘R’, geometric and rugged.

The architectural project implies as little color as possible because the environment should preserve the feeling of a natural landscape. Austere natural hues were the basis for the Ever palette. Cool and warm colors with different tonality allow to adjust the mood, to ensure lively and diverse communication.


Ever is a completely self-sufficient complex that creates unique atmosphere within. The main features of this atmosphere are the amenities such as the Zen garden, natural amphitheater, urban balcony, multifunctional lawn and more.

The marketing idea was to create an unconventional message about the project’s advantages, to tell people that by buying an apartment in Ever, they are really getting a lot more...

Creative Director: Andrey Tarakanov
Designers: Roman Gruzdkov, Vitaly Shadrin, Andrey Tarakanov
Naming: Roman Urban
Copywriters: Ilya Lovtsov, Viktor Lobytsyn​​​​​​​
Producers: Varvara Pronkina, Anna Plyaskova

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ever brand identity

ever brand identity

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