• Hi all guys! Firstly, thanks a lot for taking time to watch my project here!
    In the following lines I'll show you how I've design an UI iPhone app named "Tracker". I'll show you how it came up in my mind and then became a real UI.
  • This time my method was totally different (in "REVERSE MODE" I have to say) from at others projects of mine (here an idea about my usual process: ). This time I started fro single UI element to end up with final and complete UI for mobile app. As the others projects tho is an experiment. If one day someone help me to code this and make it real…It would be awesome! :-)
  • As first step I started to design the single elements of my UI. I had an idea in my mind about how I would my UI could be and I start play in Ps to achieve that idea. My idea was to create a shiny and plastic feels buttons and UI elements. Make them "pushable" and as much real as I could. For better idea see the following images and you'll understand what I mean.
  • These are the first element that I've designed for this UI - A series of glossy plastic "pushable" buttons.
  • Then I came up with these others elements: knob, switches, buttons and range selector. I followed the same line style that I followed for the first set.
  • After that I need an idea about my final UI. Why don't an app that allows you to controls all your web account as your portfolios or socials without enter in that specific website. So I started to imagine how the UI could help users to have all of them under control. I've designed specifically two UI about my favorite website: Behance & Dribbble. I love these website and allows me to spread my artworks all over the internet and make me recognizable from others designers. Also them allows me to had a job opportunities and see all creatives mind that surround me. These are AWESOME!
  • Said that take a look of my final UI of theses two my favorite website. But first take a look of details of this UI's.
    "Tracker" App - Mobile UI Design for Dribbble account -
  • Here the full view of UI
    "Tracker" App - Mobile UI Design for Behance account -
  • Here the full view of UI
  • Also I think that ways to present your UI is crucial. So, enjoy the following images!
  • As you saw there are many ways to come up with your design. For me in this case it was a brand new experience because I create an UI in "REVERSE MODE" as I like to call it because I didn't start from paper but from Ps and the result came out too. So it's matter of trying!
  • No narrow mind is admitted here! :-P..ahahaha…I'm jockying guys! :-
  • SPECIAL THANKS TO: Pixeden for the awesome template "Perspective App Screen Mock-Up". Here the link to grab it: www.pixeden.com/psd-mock-up-templates/perspective-app-screen-mock-up . Also check the profile on dribbble @Pixeden
  • That's it! I hope you enjoy this project. If yes don't forget to "push the button" and share all around the world!! :-
  • Thanks in advance! :-) I love you all for your support fellas! YOU GUYS ROCK!