Minimal Tee Design

Tee Design with personal quotes made by hand with
Tombow Double Brush Marker and with Calligraphy Pen
Tee Design with Tombow Double Brush Marker
Here we are with my brand new project. This is about Minimal Tee Design with personal quotes made by hand with Tombow Double Brush Marker. A couple a month ago I started practicing with Tombow Marker and I try to create something good. I started to write simple quote that bounced in my mind like "More Than That", "Less is More", etc... Then I continued practicing in this kind of things that I really love to. After this practice some good tag came out from my hand and I decided to kept them safe for a new project. In that moment I realized that those tag could be good for minimal tee design. So, here I am to present my new project born with those tags!
I start to show where this project was born. In the following images you'll see photos about my practicing with Tombow Double Brush Marker. Take a look!
Finally I decided to focus on three main quotes: "More Than That", "Love VS Hate" and "Less is More". After that I scanned this three quotes to create a vector version of them. Firstly I clean al of them in photoshop and the I put them into illustrator to make them vector. In the following images you can see all these steps.
After closing look I decided to use the word "LOVE" (you can see it clearly) too because I found it very expressive and beautiful. I think this is my best tag that I ever made. I don't know why but the feelings that it gives me are so good!! :-)
In this image you can see all quotes and word "LOVE" clean and ready for vectorize. You'll see them directly on tees in a while. Firstly I wanna show you a Poster Series that I create for very single Tee for promotion. Take a look!
After that I show you this quotes on a tees, so you can see the result. Take a look!
Also you can use the posters that I've designed for these tees to promotion across the media: website, wallpaper, etc... Take a look!
Tee Design with Calligraphy Pen
In this second part I'll show you all the steps (as I did before) about tee design with my calligraphy pen. I used to practice with this specific kind of things because I'm really impressed when I see something made by this kind of pen. I use the calligraphic pen in a different way than "old school". I mean that I use it like I was writing with a normal pen and the result was pretty interesting. Also I used to practicing calligraphy in a "old school" way, I really love to! I love typography!! :-)
Now it's time to show you the scans about my practicing to find the right quotes and the right mood's quotes to put on my tees. Take a look at the following images!
 As you can see it's matter of practice. I made a whole paper of "O" to find out the right way to do it. Also I did entire paper with complete quote to see the entire composition and to see how put together all the letters with style. It was a long journey but it was really fun because you can discover some interesting things about your skills and about how to write in interesting way! In the following images I'll show you the clean version about the quotes that I choose: "Never Failure, only a lesson" and "One and Only". Take a look!
Again, I decided to design a poster for promotion. See the following image!
And now it's time to see the result of these quotes on a tees!
Here we are at the end of my personal tee design with quotes made by hand. I hope you enjoyed it. If yes don't forget to "push the badge" and share all over the world!!!

Thanks again for watching!

All the best,