- R -
Corporate Identity
 (This is only a mockup - This brand doesn't exist)
Welcome to my "R - Corporate Identity" project. Here I try to figured out what a new company needs to promote its own brand and what can use for create a solid corporate identity to become recognizable to people. Everything started in my mind with this...
After that I create a vector version of my personal sketch so I can use it with more ease in every kind of graphic material. Here the result.
Now it's time to create all material for make this new company know to people and to other company. I created all kind of graphic material that this company need from official communication. It the following images you'll see what kind of material a new startup need to became recognizable.
Also I thought about some gadgets that a new startup can use for promote itself.
That it's! This is my idea about what kind of goods a new startup needs to became more popular and recognizable to people and to other company. I really hope you enjoyed my project! If yes don't forget to share it and don't forget to "push the badge"!
Thanks for watching!
All the best.
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