- Typography Experiment -
Here we are with another "Typography Experiment". This time I try to create something with a lots of curves. I try to make something intricate but understandable at the same time. I hope that I hit the spot! Everything start here.....
This is my orginal sketch about "THINK" Typography experiment. I create it with pencil and "curvilinee" (I think that its English name is "bend-making" but I don't know the right name of this instrument..sorry about that..:-P..). I try to create everything so curly and smooth to create something with harmony. After that I put it in Illustrator to convert it in vector. In the next images you can see the result.
After that I decide to make it more detailed and original. So I put some curvy line inside of every single letter and create a glowing effect. See the following image.
Then I want to make it more personal, more in my way! And here we are at the final piece but before take a look at some details of my "THINK"!
...and now it's time to see the final result!
As you can imagine this typo could be use in various way...take a look at these! :-)
This is the "THINK" Typography Experiment! I hope you like it and enjoy it! If yes don't forget to share and don't forget to "push the badge"!
Thanks a lot for watching!
See ya!
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