• The Moonsters Game
    iPhone Puzzle, Arcade Game
  • www.moonstersgame.com
    Available on iTunes!

    Prepare, the Moonsters are coming to your iPhone! Theyre cute, theyre hungry and they are stuck on this strange planet...Gather your friends, catch all the tofu and find your spaceship. A long way awaits you, and its full of beautiful vistas, moving platforms, shiny bubbles, bouncing mushrooms, floating islands and more!

    Its a Beautiful Game of Jumping,
    Puzzles and the Space Tofu.

    Developer: Ars Thanea,
    Game Design: Artur Ganszyniec

    Creative Direction: Bartlomiej Rozbicki
    Illustration & Animation: Marcin Gibowski
    GUI Design, Designer: Michał Tomaka
    Programming: Mariusz Macieja
    Server programming: Jacek Jarosiewicz
    Wallpapers: Pawel Nolbert

    Music&Sound Design: Jarek Lublin
    Quality Assurance: Pawel Piotrzkowski

    Peter Jaworowski
    Karol Kolodzinski
    Pawel Nolbert
    Tomasz Wlodarczyk
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  • Wallpapers available on www.moonstersgame.com
    Game available on iTunes
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