Sheppard - Christmas Without You
Client: Sheppard      Design & Animation: Ars Thanea     

With the Sheppard band, we have been cooperating for 3 years. So far, we have prepared singles and albums covers for them . This time we made a 4 minute full CGI video clip for their new song "Christmas Without You".  
Sheppard is an Australian pop music family band. Those few years of cooperation translated into the full trust and freedom that the band gave us on this project. We didn't get a script or guidelines. The goal of our work was to create a clip that visually expresses the emotions of the song.   
It's a very touching song that tells a story that many of us can relate to. Not everyone gets to be with their loved ones for Christmas. It can be quite an emotionally difficult time for a lot of people. The video had to tell this plot as well as the lyrics of the song.  
We were responsible for the script, creation, directing and production. The challenge was to create 4 minutes of full CGI animation packed with small details in just six weeks. 
Crystals became the leitmotif of the video. The pieces are telling the story, changing their form and following the pace of the sound. Sometimes showing particular shapes like faces, sometimes exploding and bursting like emotions conveyed in the lyrics.  


Client: Sheppard  
Design & Craft Studio: Ars Thanea   
Executive Creative Director: Piotr Jaworowski   
Animation Director: Adam Torczyński  
Art Director: Piotr Jaworowski  
Studio Supervisor: Jakub Grobelny  
Project Lead: Krzysztof Grudziński  
R&D: Mesrop Hovhannisyan, Krzysztof Grudziński, Michał Zawół  
Animation/FX/Layout: Mesrop Hovhannisyan, Krzysztof Grudziński, Michał Zawół  
Look Development: Michał Zawół, Krzysztof Grudziński, Mariusz Giętkowski, Piotr Rudkowski, Mesrop Hovhannisyan  
Digital Artist: Michał Urbański  
Compositing: Dawid Kopestyński, Krzysztof Grudziński, Mariusz Giętkowski, Michał Zawół  
Edit: Adam Torczyński  
Conform: Maciej Niemirski  
Colour Correction: Maciej Mizer  
Producer: Magdalena Grzesz  
IT Support: Kamil Lenard, Przemysław Kołosiński  

Sheppard - Christmas Without You