Travel G-Class. Mercedes-Benz.
Travel G-Class.
With Mercedes-Benz.
In 2020, Covid shut down air travel entirely for Chinese residents.
While it was a disaster for airlines, it was an opportunity for Mercedes…
As luxury Chinese travellers still wanted to see the world in style, so they traded business-class for G-Class… Mercedes’ ultimate luxury 4x4.
We brought this to life by promoting travel within China, showing some of China’s most iconic – and highest – landmarks as though seen from the window of a car – mimicking typical travel photos from planes. This showed how the  peerless off-road abilities and luxury feeling of the G-Class can still elevate travellers.
Nuerjia Canyon - 4265ft
Ganzi District, Sichuan - 14271ft
Yangshuo Mountain, Guilin - 3051ft
Nanxiong District, Guangdong - 3346ft
Agencies: Ogilvy Shanghai & Beijing
Production: Ars Thanea

Travel G-Class. Mercedes-Benz.