• Código
    Código is a leading Mexican magazine reporting in current art, architecture, design, fashion and style tendencies worldwide, in other words, a Zeitgeist vessel of our era. Struggling with an expired identity, an uncomfortable reading format and displaced generic perception, Código approached us with the task to redesign its entire structure and image. 
    We gave Código a complete typographical revamp, that included the logotype and magazine editorial format. The anatomy and structure for the magazine's editorial content needed to be flexible and noble, traditional and reader friendly. Referencing global affairs magazines from the United Kingdom, we created a simple yet intelligent typographical palette complemented with bursts of color highlights. The cover's white, recurring label is a distinctive marker, meant to convey the magazine's consequential content in a categorical and systematical way, while making Código easy to identify in a publication rack.
    We created a system using different colors and nomenclature to categorize and order the magazine's various themes and subjects. Through this system, we furthermore divided the magazine's content into percentages, presented in the index and exposing each subject's material quantity in each issue.