Byronesque Offline wall mural

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  • In December 2013 I created a 700sq/ft wall mural for the Byronesque Offline fashion retrospective. The space was in a disused vault at the James A. Farley Post Office on 8th Avenue at 33rd St in Manhattan, NY.
  • I was given a poem to work with - The Company of Melancholiacs by Jens Peter Jacobson. Taking depression as my jumping off point, I landed on the idea of fashion being one of the many masks we wear from day to day, hiding the reality beneath.

    I set about creating a different poster design for each line of the poem, overlaying them on top of one another and tearing them down to reveal other texts and images of masks underneath.
  • Images of strength sat on top of images of fragility and the tearing down of the posters led to some really interesting visual moments in the piece.