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    A simple children's book allowing me to explore a new medium for the first time.
I've always said you should take inspiration from whatever surrounds you, and these days I'm surrounded by kids — we welcomed our second daughter into the world a few weeks ago. As such, I'm reading a lot of children's books and I've become intrigued by it as medium for expression.

My first completed story is a minimalist odyssey entitled 'An Adventure' and concerns a would-be hero who sets out looking for, well, adventure and on his return finds things have changed without him, for better and for worse. I'm not convinced about the commercial viability of the project but if you'd care to know more or might interested in putting it out there, feel free to get in touch: mrcraigward@gmail.com
The book is an 8.5 x 11" format, and the typefaces used are Pareto Circular from ABCDinamo and Flirt Script from Positype. The illustrations are mixed media using ink, rolled textures, photocopies, spraypaint, linocut prints and various other elements.
My eldest daughter enjoying the book. Really lovely to see her engage with something I created for her.