Adrem, established for over 25 years are an International design, architecture and engineering recruitment consultancy, one of the giants in their sector. Founded by two designers with the belief that industry professionals are best placed to service the recruitment sector.

    Re-position an established brand and re- communicate their values in an original and fresh way. The design needed to articulate a real sense of innovation and community.

    The Directors values were the tangible business differentiator required to focus our creative efforts around. We developed brand vocabulary reflecting design excellence, encouraged the adoption of new technology to service the design sector and built a sub-brand to grow the recruitment sector, we highlighted the benefits of emerging technologies, niche opportunities and how these would play an integral role in building and most importantly servicing the dreams of the design community.


    To reflect design excellence we employed elegant and sophisticated print solutions across all aspects of brand collateral.

    We pinpointed a niche in the market for brand centric advertising campaigns, a bold departure from job specific advertising. Focused on the concept of Dream. Metaphorically connecting with candidates working in the creative sector and aptly an anagram of Adrem.

    "If I compare now to before we had the website, the way we do business has massively changed... its been a silent revolution."

    Adrem had an entry level flash based website poorly optimised for search engines. We delivered an advanced website with an effective multi-user content management system and interface.
    Critical requirements were: servicing a high volume of users, SEO optimization and exemplifying the brand values. The solution was a website that was informative, facilitating and engaging for a community. Podcasts, RSS feeds became innovative tools within the recruitment sector swiftly disseminating vacancy information.

    We proposed that Adrem should provide a forum for universities, design studios, architectural practices and independent designers through exhibitions. The success of these events instigated Dreamspace, a sub-brand of Adrem.
    The above enabled; buy in from employees, partners, clients and candidates. This culminated in an internal Brand Understanding Workshop delivered to new and existing employees.

    The combined effect of our work resulted in a 30% increase in business for Adrem. 
    The website alone instigated a revolution in the conduct of day-to-day business. 
    Recruitment response times have increased dramatically. 
    Web presence now competes with FTSE companies in the sector.

    "Everyone was so delighted by your work, it united our services, ethos and vision to become a tangible force rapidly moving the business forward."

    The websites success allowed Adrem to cut their advertising budget by 60% freeing up capital to be directed towards new brand touch points.
    The motivational impact on the staff rekindled passion and pride in the workplace. In short staff believed in the Adrems products allowing them to sell it better.