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    “Working with &&& Creative is always a pleasure due to their expertise and experience. They combine cutting-edge experimental design with an unde… Read More
    “Working with &&& Creative is always a pleasure due to their expertise and experience. They combine cutting-edge experimental design with an understanding of the mainstream.” Julia Peyton-Jones & Hans Ulrich Obrist, Directors, Serpentine Gallery Read Less

Working with &&& Creative is always a pleasure due to their expertise and experience. They combine cutting-edge experimental design with an understanding of the mainstream and they have delivered outstanding work that has perfectly reflected the Gallerys programme. We wish them every future success.

Every year the Serpentine Gallery (located in Hyde Park, central London), invites an internationally renowned Architect or Designer to create a temporary pavilion in their grounds for the summer. A 24-hour marathon of interviews took place inside the Pavilion built by Rem Koolhaas. Chaired by the Serpentine Gallerys Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Rem Koolhaas, the 24 hour marathon focused on exploring the nature of London with 60 of the greatest names in international contemporary culture.

Creatively document the 24-hour marathon interview event conveying its immediacy, accessibility and highlights. Avoiding the clichéd all angle documentation so frequently employed.

To avoid producing a plethora of data, un-editable and unmanageable we implemented an onsite editing process capturing pinnacle moments through a butterfly net process. The book was pre- designed allowing a swift and immediate production schedule.

The magnitude of the event and its participants required a solution that would combine over 10,000 words and graphically reflect the Interview Marathon. Attendees of the event used the poster in a variety of way; blankets, hats and essentially as a knowledge base.

Simon Brown (&&&) in collaboration with Mark Irving (Visible Impressions Ltd) conceived a flip-book as a way of responding creatively to the 24 hour Interview Marathon. Producing a publication that is deliberately tactile, playful, giving a sense of the speed, excitement and spontaneity at the Interview Marathon Event. The book features over 150 colour and black and white illustrations produced on the night alongside text extracts from the interviews.

The Poster graphics were transformed into a DVD title sequence for 11 accompa- nying DVDs that documented the event in real time.

Following on from the success of 24hr Interview Marathon, the Serpentine gallery Co-Director Hans Ulrich Obrist and artist Olafur Eliasson invited more than 100 lead- ing artists, architects, filmmakers, academ- ics and scientists to expand on the notion of experimentation for their 24-Hour Experiment Marathon, held in the Serpen- tines pavilion designed by Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen. In the tradition of the now-legendary ongoing 24-Hour Interview Marathon, the crowds were standing- room-only and the action never stopped; 40 screenings, performances, lectures and experimental films made up this genre- bending blend of science and art.

The exhibition travelled to Reykjavik Art Museum where it required a title sequence for the 24-Hour Marathon Experiment ten DVD box set.

For the title sequence we produced a chromo-graphic experiment, visualising the process of experimentation; making the title sequence an experiment in itself. We hand rendered the title on one sheet of paper, stacked 500 sheets on-top and immersed this in a bath of water. The water rose through the stack, transferred the ink across each page. Each sheet was scanned after drying. Each becoming a single frame in what was to be the title sequence.

Rem Koolhass and Hans Ulrich Obrist interviewed &&& on the strength of what we had achieved at the Post Marathon Event. Talking before us was Miuccia Prada.
The book became a record for what London was at that time.
The Serpentine gave us full accreditation for the book.
The book was integral to building a long working relationship with the Serpentine.
The Experiment and DVD were a huge success and on the strength of our work we were asked to exhibit the title sequence alongside a prestigious set of participants.
Our work appeared inside the book: Experiment Marathon Hans Ulrich Obrist & Olafur Eliasson the Serpentine.