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    “Congratulations. You have created something that has never been done before!” Alyce Alston - President, Home & Garden and Health & Wellness

President and CEO Mary Berner aims to transform RDA into a high–performing organisation, highlighted by a three-year strategy entitled FACE plan. An acronym for the attributes that would be critical to success: Fast, Accountable, Candid and Engaged. The three key goals are savings, growth and culture change. Growth
will be achieved by focus and execution, complemented by goals that include the potential for six to ten launches and acquisitions in the next 12 months.

Creatively all our projects required a synergy with the new direction at RDA. At a grass roots level Editorial teams needed inspiration for the provision of fresh contemporary graphic design in order to achieve the cultural shift, savings and growth announced by RDA.

Our work was a well considered evolution of existing products and the Creative Direction for new ventures alongside International Editorial Teams and key Project Directors. Rekindling passion and instigating positive change in America, Europe and China. At a consultancy level we developed a Digital Strategy and Name Selection Methodology for new business. Emphasis was placed on embracing local culture and international design excellence. To facilitate the work we developed our own Customer Relationship Manager, adopting Skype and Go-To-Meeting
as our preferred communication tools. Allowing us to work on a personal level with international scope whilst consciously managing our carbon footprint.

Originated and designed primary look book presentations for stakeholders. An essential tool used to gain the green light for new projects.

Intelligent InDesign templates and online workshops.

At present the details of this project are confidential however we can disclose the following:
At a consultancy level we developed several alternative Digital Strategies and Name Selecting Methodologies, identifying how they interacted with each other and the projects aims / ambitions.

“&&& Creative delivered simplicity and clarity to a complex global project, I was very impressed!”

“The whole Team (Editorial, Art and Marketing) has been positively inspired by our cooperation and we will be coming back to you for more expertise in the future.”

RDA conceived the idea of collaborating with Rick Warren to develop Purpose Driven Connection, “A network of multimedia resources for nurturing healthy relationships; a framework for focusing one’s time and energy; a pathway for discovering one’s life purpose; a gateway to opportunities for making a significant impact with one’s life; and a library of useful tools to accelerate one’s spiritual, emotional and relational growth.” The Californian pastor Rick Warren is the author of best- selling hard back book The Purpose Driven Life, founder of the top ten largest churches in America. He is considered one of the most influential men in America, recently delivering the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama inauguration ceremony.

Capture the values of the church and effectively communicate these in a way that would appeal to their target audience. Generally religious design aesthetics do not follow current trends or adopt graphic excellence. Purpose Driven Connection sits within a design conscious arena, unlike other religious platforms there was an opportunity to produce a world- class publication.

The level of excellence for typography, commissioned photography and content was set to the highest level. The grid structure for the publication was inspired by biblical numerals 12 & 40 enthusing the publication with the Christian message. A systemised colour palette was developed as a secondary navigation for readers to locate stories by biblical purpose; knowing, relating, growing, serving and sharing. Graphically we developed calendar wheels; a contemporary front section and a more formal sermon based back section.

“Congratulations. You have created something that has never been done before!”