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It’s good everywhere, but... • Photo series

I wanted to find a good place to live, so I started wandering around the countryside. I was curious: what is this whole thing that we call Hungary? I visited more than a hundred towns and villages during a couple of years and I documented the details which fascinated me. After a while I realized that the best spots for capturing the small beauties of creativity are the public social venues: the train or bus station, the supermarket, the church, the pub, the cemetry, the marketplace, the museum, the cultural centre, the park or the shopping centre.

The title of the project plays on the Hungarian proverb: Mindenhol jó, de legjobb otthon, meaning it is good everywhere, but it is the best at home (similar to Home, sweet home). When I meet new people, I like to start with the “Where are you from?” question. When people answer i usually tell them I would like to see that place. In most cases their reaction to that is something like „Why would you go there? There is nothing there.” With this project I was trying to examine that nothing.
The Hungarian Parliament Building painted on a garage door in Villánykövesd
Ischler cookies in the shape of Hungary in Kiskunfélegyháza
A bucket turned into a holy-water basin in Nyírbátor
Supermarket-idyll in Hévíz
Second hand shop in Kiskunhalas
Saturday afternoon in the Laborers’ Cultural Centre in Dunaújváros
Mural in Mosonmagyaróvár
Detail from the local history museum of Ózd
Security camera and projector with fake marble cover in a church in Szombathely
Waiting room at the train station of Putnok
Superman of Szekszárd
A fence made out of skis in Börcs
It’s good everywhere, but... • Photo series

It’s good everywhere, but... • Photo series


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