Glasom is an innovative smart headset concept designed for active lifestyle, based on  advanced technology, customizable voice commands, touch gestures and buttons.
It is designed as an independent unit that can replace smartphones, smartwatches and smartglasses in many situations, keeping hands and eyes free while  keeping users connected to the internet, measuring biometric data and delivering outstanding sound experience.
Voice navigation and finger gesture controls:
Glasom is based on voice navigation  that uses advanced voice typing and text-to-speech algorithms, enabling users to interact with different apps based on context and feedback without even looking at screens nor using hands.
Touchscreen is embedded discretely in the right headphone, enabling users to customize finger gestures based on modes and apps that they want to access instantly, read notifications and interact with graphic data when needed.
The innovative,minimalist and durable design:
The latest technology is packed into innovative yet minimalist design that can blend easily with users’ fashion choices, bringing fewer limitations when it comes to hairstyle, headwear, glasses and earrings. 
Glasom comes in 3 color options that can blend easier with their skin and hair color.
The design blends traditional shape and form factor with latest technology and materials, with details that are both, very practical and aesthetically pleasing.
Unconventional design approach was applied in order to increase user’s comfort even in the hottest days, without compromising the sound quality and sound isolation. Array of microphones and other sensors are sealed under the fabric mesh, making it spalshproof.
The advanced technology designed with convenience, connectivity and biometrics in mind:
Glasom features SIM and memory card slot, WiFI, Bluetooth, NFC, USB-C, audio jack and wireless charging, providing connectivity to the internet and other devices whenever needed.
GPS, biometric sensors and array of microphones are embedded to track user’s activity, record biometric data and adjust the sound mode automatically  based on their current situation and activity.
The headset can automatically amplify the ambient sound when user reach certain speed to improve safety, turn noise cancellation while talking, sitting or walking, or switch to audio zoom to amplify user's voice by canceling other sounds in noisy environments.

Exceptional and highly customizable voice commands with impressive audio features:
The voice navigation is possible by using customizable voice commands for frequently used  features and apps, while digital assistants (Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri,..) can be used for online navigation.
Noise-cancellation technology is used to better filter user's voice for reliable navigation and communication while also providing the highest level of listening experience. 
Voice commands are highly customizable, allowing users to assign voice commands to any word or sentence.
Glasom can be locked and unlocked with voice recognition, simply by using spoken passwords.
Each headphone is equipped with multiple sound drivers and microphones, providing good sound separation, 3D audio features and spatial sound recording.
Highly customizable and easily accessible touch commands:
Touch gestures are  customizable and available for frequently used features, apps and contacts.
Buttons on the headset can be customized for single, double, triple press and long-press action, enabling users to assign 4 commands to each button.
Additional accessories for additional functionality and convenience:
The additional microphone with notification LED lights and adjustable semi-flexible cable can be attached to audio jack
to effectively cancel noise from the environment more effectively while making user's voice clearer.
Media Module features a screen, LIDAR sensor, cameras and additional microphones.
Attached to both, audio jack and USB-C port, the module is developed with additional functionality, AR and safety in mind.
Some use case scenarios:
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