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The market of smartwatches and fitness trackers is getting larger each year, while it became trendy for millennials who appreciate notifications it also becomes necessity for older generations who want to track their well-being. To those people most smartwatches might look like toy watches from their childhood,often full of unnecessary features, with confusing identity that can hardly match their style and convenience. The market is also very sensitive as plenty of users buy them because of curiosity and novelty, using them actively just for a few months, as there are many compromises between their features, design and software. Unlike fitness trackers that are primarily designed for sports, smartwatches often come with better built-quality and variety of watch bands to choose from.
Above are displayed some of the most popular smartwatches and fitness trackers on the market.
Fitro is a biometric concept smartwatch that can be easily customized to fit any style, activity and occasion.
The design represents a simple answer to complex demands and requirements in a sophisticated way that is very efficient for production. It merges the aesthetic of classic mechanical watches with the latest technology to deliver a product that can satisfy users of all ages and sexes in a form that is minimal yet very practical and convenient.

Easily removable silicone straps and numerous watch face designs make it easy to adjust for personal needs.
Silicone straps are designed for ultimate comfort and skin breathability, making it suitable for sports and during sleep to provide accurate and detailed data all the time. They are designed to leave no marks on the skin after extensive use, effectively protecting skin from metal surfaces from all sides. Circular holes are serving functional role to fit all wrist sizes, while contributing to overall aesthetics of the design.
It is designed to be waterproof  and shockproof to track all possible activities.
Additional metal case enables users to easily attach other standard watch bands and to choose some of classic watch faces if needed and when needed. 
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Fitro is a customizable biometric smartwatch designed to fit any style, activity or occasion.