Montreux Jazz Festival – Website
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The Montreux Jazz Festival generates fantastic stories and legendary performances.
Brand DNA
To deeply understand who they are, we undertook workshops with the Montreux Jazz Festival and identified three tensions that define today their brand DNA and brand terminologies.

Concept design

The approach was to give the website a timeless and elegant design without undermining the current trends. A design that transcribes the legendary Festival's heritage of authenticity, diversity and innovation carried out throughout its history. 

What else than vinyl records to express music's timeless legacy at best. Its grooves were translated into a few simple lines, inspiring the main visual element of the website.

To create a strong and unique brand personnality, we introduced a new headline font; the Noe Text designed by Schick Toikka independant type foundry. While being a perfect bridge between heritage and innovation, the font empowers the brand DNA through its elegant, expressive and audacious design. Its shapes are inspired by transitional typography and is given a bold contemporary personnality with its prominent triangular beak.
The page transitions and the animated elements of the website were designed to reflect the brand with elegant and subtle movements.
Montreux Jazz Festival