Spotify New Music Friday

Every Friday, Spotify’s playlist editors curate the latest and most anticipated hits out there to headline the New Music Friday playlists – that you need to listen to, now. To accompany the relaunch of the playlist we proposed a visual identity that builds from the same concept urgency.

We needed to be bold, fresh and vibrant. For these reasons, we went with the italicized version of Spotify Circular, but made our thickest font-weight, Black, even thicker – and added a tail to visually communicate speed. 

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​​​​​​​We wanted to create an identity that allows for the artists’ own styles and emotions to shine through with no treatment to their photos. And, in a similar fashion to how many culturally impactful editorial magazines create their covers, we simply decided to work with our own brand palette to choose the most suiting accent for each cover. In order to accommodate for a wide variety of artist provided images we’ve made simplified color palettes offering editors 15 options to pick from. 

The revamped playlist, which has 43 versions worldwide, will continue to serve as the leading destination for listeners who want to discover new music from both established and emerging talent. With over 3.5 million followers in the U.S. and 8 million globally, it’s an achievement and milestone for artists to have their new tracks included on the list.

The marketing for New Music Friday truly happens in all channels, so we set off to create layouts that function well in OOH, social, artist-generated social, and on the Spotify platform.
The launch campaign included placements around New York City, Los Angeles and Toronto.

We developed a motion language that works both as an intro animation and transitions between content. It’s supposed to give a quick glimpse of what you’re about to see, but most of all, set up the stage for what has just arrived. The playlist worth the wait.

Every week, Spotify features artists that have made it onto New Music Friday.
Here is the animated billboard at Times Square in New York City.

We created a set of posters that can be used to accompany the weekly releases.​​​​​​​

As part of the launch we also designed merch, such as bucket hats and a sticker pack.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The branding was created using 15 selected colors from the Spotify brand palette together with Spotify Circular.

Executive Creative Director: Alexander Bodman
Creative Director: Cameron Farrelly / Head of Brand Design: Rasmus Wängelin
Brand Design Director: Erik Herrström / Senior Art Director: Angeline Toh
Art Director: Josephine Tansara / Senior Designer: William Oswin
Brand Manager: Aaron Melaragno, Lauren Solomon
Copywriter: Chris Monk / Strategy: Nathan Doiev / Producer: Gabby Kreutter
Extended team: Sarah Patellos, Marian Dicus, Amanda Butler, Linnea Hemenez, Blaike Ford, Ashley Graver, Douglas Richard, Karolina Rennemark, Petter Eliasson, Shahin Haghjou and more.

Spotify New Music Friday

Spotify New Music Friday

Leading up to every Friday at midnight, Spotify’s playlist editors curate the latest and most anticipated hits out there to headline the New Musi Read More