Corretja is a store of materials for construction and decoration, which entrusts us with the design of a communication campaign with a double objective: to enhance the service of the integral projects of kitchens and bathrooms, and to expand the clients base towards the sector of the architecture and interior design.
We have designed a campaign based on the concept of moodboard. The creation of moodboards is part of the work process of many architects and interior designers.
A series of photographs of geometric compositions created from materials, objects and accessories for the construction of kitchens and bathrooms, allow us to present different styles without showing a specific case. Thus, we can convey a style but each one will imagine their kitchen or bathroom.
We use a stick stencil typeface for the copies, which reinforces the concept "construction".
The advertisements will be reproduced in various media, from newspapers and magazines to advertising lightboxes, construction fences, banners ...
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