Regione Sardegna - Rural Development Program
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    The branding of the Rural Development Program of the Region of Sardegna. The colors, shapes and words that give its identity.
Regione Sardegna
Branding of Rural Development Program 2007-13
Color choice
The inspiration of the color scheme comes from nature and the Sardinian environment - rich, earthy, vibrant yet natural colors. They are easily recognizable and identifiable colors.

The synthetic form of the Island is constructed from colored squares, representing the various components that make up the project and that integrate the resources that form Sardinia. It also reminds us of the digital language of the bit, giving it a technological feel to the proposal. The round corners of the squares as well as the "soft" font choice makes the impact more user-friendly and less cold.

The slogan
Coltivando il futuro. Cultivating the future. Cultiver l'avenir.
A play of words that works in all three languages (Italian, English, French), "cultivating the future" sums up the objective of the RDP: making the agricultural role of Sardinia stronger in Europe and in the rest of the world. Cultivate, in the pure agricultural sense - to grow - but also in the sense of increasing the necessary resources for economic and social growth, fundamental elements in order to be competitive in the global economy.
Template for institutional communications. (Painting by Antonello Ottonello, famous contempary Sardinian artist)
Integration of logo and slogan to website
Template for communications to general public. "Together we grow"