Advertising - B2B sector
Advertising B2B
Various ad campaigns for the business sector
(unpublished) Theme: even older more established companies shouldn't fear new technologies. TechCouncil can work with those companies to bring them up-to-date.
(unpublished) Theme: thinking about technology to revive a "dying" business
(unpublished) Theme: technology can help you get ahead. Using a myth to demystify technology...
(unpublished) Theme: get up-to-date before it's too late!
(unpublished) Theme: it doesn't matter if you don't understand new technologies. That's why TechCouncil is here.
Postcard invite to Technology Council Breakfast Briefing
Tri-fold for trade show
The following ads were developed at the request of the client (ExecutivePulse™) in order to explore different themes of their product. They were never published as they decided to concentrate on the technological aspects of their product (see ads above), but I have included them here since I had a lot of fun creating them!
Understanding basic cultural differences is fundamental when working with foreign companies. ExecutivePulse™ takes these differences into consideration and can customize their software for any market. This series of ads visually emphasized some of the more common stereotypical differences between the USA and other countries to get the point across in a simple yet humorous way.
Theme: ease of use
Theme: ExecutivePulse™ systems can be in any language you want.
Theme: ExecutivePulse™ is web-based for better customization.
Theme: even the most difficult community is no problem for ExecutivePulse™. Bring it on!
Theme: customized for even the smallest communities. Helping all communities/businesses realize their dreams.
Theme: collaboration as a means of good business retention.
Theme: made to measure. Emphasized by visual of measuring stick in the shape of a positive growth chart.
Theme: using ExecutivePulse™ systems to attract business. Visual of magnet attracting the headline.
Theme: ExecutivePulse™ systems are used in communities all across the USA
Theme: ExecutivePulse™business retention systems help communities retain and grow even small businesses.
Advertising - B2B sector

Advertising - B2B sector

Various ads created for the business sector

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