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Insilva - Alternate Reality Game

Insilva was an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) game created in cooperation with the City of Lodz Museum with the support of the Orange Academy foundation. The game Insilva was supposed to draw the attention of the inhabitants of Łódź to Stare Polesie (in silva, meaning Latin in the forest) - a part of the city created during the rapid development of Łódź at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.
We wanted the game's story to be a mixture of the real world and an amazing story straight from the action adventure movie (like Indiana Jones).

With its development we used the popular themes in popular culture. Helped us mysterious powers coming dormant artifacts from ancient cultures and secret organizations wishing to use these powers for their nefarious purposes, usually boil down to a desire to rule the world. We also assumed the existence of a small but determined group of positive heroes whose only goal is to stop the oncoming destruction.
Lucjan Ogromski in his video blog.
The person who led the players was Lucjan Ogromski - a local activist who believed in conspiracy theories, who ran a video blog and the insilva.com website. He published the most important information about the Terranova development company. Their plans indicated a desire to build a modern district in the center of Łódź. Lucjan discovered that this is really just a cover for a completely different purpose.
Photo from a drone used in one of the tasks.
Leaflet with simple graphic riddle.
A fragment of the map leading to the game finale. Players had to find and then properly combine all the fragments.
During the game, players discovered the story of a mysterious stone of great power, which was brought to Lodz from South America, and the gloomy fate of all who used it. The players' task was to find and destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands.
 Project manager: Michał Gruda
Master of The Game: Vojislav Radojicić
Game designers: Vojislav Radojicić, Joanna Ufnalska, Piotr Lipski,
Location manager: Joanna Ufnalska
Graphics: Mateusz Dziwroski
Movies: Adam Musiałowicz (Efekt Imago)
Webmaster: Krzysztof Kupczyński
Actors: Dariusz Postolski, Piotr Lipski
Support: Michał Grelewski, Izabela Walczak, Dariusz Lisowski, Wiktoria Rybka
Insilva - Alternate Reality Game

Insilva - Alternate Reality Game


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