We like when making game is challenge. Grawangarda (Game of Avantgarde) definately was. Firstly - we had to told story of Władysław Strzemiński - pioneer of polish avantgarde using language which would be interesting and easy to understand. 
Secondly - game had to take place before end of the year. In December which is high on the list of worst months for city games. 
We didn't wanted to tell Strzemiński's story through events of his not easy life (what is often used as easiest approach). Instead of this we wanted to create story about art of our hero. As he had military episode in his life, and his fight for avantgarde was also kind of battle we used army style for this game.
General Square (Generał Kwadrat) - main hero of the game. 
Main character of the game was General Square (Generał Kwadrat) - commander of armed group called Pa.r.tyzantka (polish name for partisans, a.r. stands for name of art group established by Strzemiński). It is sometimes useful to have an enemy in the game - our enemy was socrealist art - which was an enemy of Strzemiński's avantgarde as well. General recruited his army (this was first phase of the game) and gave missions to recruits. 
Task connected with optical illusions - Strzemiński was interested in optics as well.
In the first phase players had to make several missions given by General through short movies - in military briefing style. They could decide when they want to complete mission, they only had to do it in 24 hours. 
One of the mission briefings
Another mission briefing
Task was to illustrate Strzemiński's paint concept - unizm, using snow. 
Player's task was to prove that avantgarde is better than socrealism. It is answer of one of the groups. 
Second phase was street game with all teams playing together in freezing weather (it was about minus 15 celsius that day). All the game went good although General was killed at the end of the game. However - character became so recognisable that we decided to ressurect him in our games some time later.
One of the team - WD 40.
Strzemiński's bench. Players had to do it themleves.
General Square saying "goodbye, mission complete".
GrAwangarda / Game of Avangtarde
Game concept: Vojislav Radojicic, Michal Grelewski
Level design: Przemysław Bogusławski
Level producers: Jakub Tomczyk, Natalia Warzywoda, Maria Frankiewicz, Mateusz Pokora, 
Consultant: Łukasz Biskupski
Photos: Anna Jędrzejak
Mission briefings (films): Maciej Bartosz Kruk
Client: Muzeum of  Art (Muzeum Sztuki), Łódź
GrAwangarda / Game of Avantgarde

GrAwangarda / Game of Avantgarde

Street game about art. Who will fight for avantgarde with us?

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