Evisa.Express - Taking care of your visa

Evisa Express is a system that will help you complete all formalities with obtaining an electronic visa. Ease of use and support at every stage are the main features that define Evisa Express.

Our work included a complete refresh of the visual identity and website to directly reach a specific target group, differentiate from the competition, set a new direction of communication and facilitate the entire process of ordering an electronic visa through a website.

The main inspiration to design new visual communication was the passport document. The reference to colors, compositions and characteristic elements of security means that we refer to services and build a governmental character. Through this action, we have increased trust and shortened the distance between the brand and the potential recipient.

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Mateusz Pałka - Branding design

Michał Dobies - Web design (UI & UX)

Evisa.Express - Taking care of your visa