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Gender is Fluid is all about 'sex positivity' - a bold yet much unexplored topic around us. The challenge while defining a brand identity was to touch upon this taboo topic in a way such that it does proper justice to its cause and while keeping its bold-ness intact at the same time.

A note about Sexuality is a way to express oneself sexually. It also marks the physical and mental wellness of an individual. At Tickle.Life we strive for your sexual wellness helping you to satiate your sexual needs. Here you shall be able to not only connect with experts, advisors, sexologists, psychologists but also be part of the community that welcomes you with open arms. The platform also offers you resources for a better sexual experience and support that helps you get the unfulfilled sexual pleasure.
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Branding and Visual Identity for sex positive community startup which believes that 'gender is fluid' and supports LGBTQ way of living freely.